Thomas Porter Blunt

Family of Chemists
Thomas Porter Blunt - Son: Walter A. Blunt (ass'nt)
*Father: Thomas W. Blunt & Uncle: Henry Blunt*
**Their half-brother Robert Blunt & his sons Robert Gaire & John Henry
Grandfather: Robert Blunt & Gr. Uncle Thos. Blunt

Disclaimer: Please note: not all information on this page may be accurate, research ongoing

Thomas Porter Blunt's father: **THOMAS W. BLUNT
Druggist & Chemist, Shrewbury, Shropshire
Born 1803 - Southwark, Surrey, Eng  Died c. 1874 - Shrewsbury
Married in 1838 Sarah Smith b.1800 Kent Road, Surrey-d.1864, - Shrewsbury

Thomas P. Blunt's uncle: ** HENRY BLUNT
Born Nov. 14 1806 Southwark, Surrey, Eng  Died Sept. 26, 1853 Shrewbury Shropshire
Main Occupation: Chemist, Shropshire (Also noted Shrewsbury artist)
samples in the Shrewsbury Museum & British Museum Collection )

(more on Henry Blunt-Chemist-Artist - HERE)

Thomas P. Blunt's son: WALTER ARTHUR BLUNT
b. 1874  d. 1911 age 37 Shrewbury, Shropshire chemist's assistant at 16
In 1900 the half building of 23 Wyle Cop was labelled Blunt Thomas Porter, chemist
the other half was Blunt & Son, chemists. 1901 census has W.A. Blunt working as chemist

Thomas Porter Blunt's grandfather: ROBERT BLUNT
Born c. 1766 ( St George,Southwark,) d. 1842 Shrewsbury
*1st marriage Oct. 17, 1789 - Saint Saviour, Southwark, Surrey, Sarah Smith
**2nd Marriage 1802 Chesham, Buckingham, England
Ann Porter born c. 1771 (Chesham, Buckingham) d. 1847
Moved with children **Thomas & **Henry ( above) from Southwark Surrey
to Shrewsbury 1808 or 1809 (directories and insurance dates listed below )
( Daughters Anne Blunt b. May 24 1809 & Mary Blunt b.July 12 1811 Shrewsbury)

*Robert was previously married ~ First son Robert b Jan 2, 1792 was a also a chemist Chelsea whose sons
Robert Gaire Blunt (Oct 1 1819 Shrewsbury)& John Henry Blunt ( c.1823 Chelsea) also acted as chemist's assistants
*Robert Blunt -4 Prospect Row, Cheyne Row Chelsea, chemist *

TPBlunt's Grandfather Robert's brother Thomas was a chemist in business with him on Blackman Street
born Aug. 29th 1772 ( St George,Southwark,) d. 1820
Thomas also practiced in Chelsea

John Blunt-surgeon Warwickshire 1700s

John Henry Blunt - Chemist born 1819 ( d.1887) Wilby Northampton
( & their chemist sons Thomas Samuel & John Henry in Coventry & Northamps)
BROTHER Thomas b. 1829 Moulton, Northamp - Chemist assn't
BROTHER Walter Buswell Blunt b 1837 Moulton, Northampton - Chemist
also part of Blunt & Evans chemists - 26 Market Place Derby 1881 1887
BROTHER William Henry Blunt b 1839 Wilby, Northampton- chemist at 71 Snowhill, Birmingham
1881 & then in 1891 with chemist son Henry Rowland Northampton
(More Here)


an even older find is 1713 - John Blunt apothecary Maidstone, Kent
(active c. 1704-1722) proof here and also here Page 30   
A John Blunt was acting mayor in 1722 & mayor 1734 ( Died c. 1738)

Wills Proved at Prerogative Court of Canterbury
John Blunt Apothecary Maidstone, Kent October 19, 1738


and there's this fellow with no first name BLUNT-Primary occupation medical Barber-surgeon
Period of medical practice 1594-1607 d.1607 Address Millpond Heath Horsey Downe 1604
The map below puts his location near the area of our Blunt families.
Oh, dear, seems this fellow ran into trouble with the law!

Directory & other dated Listings

~1789 21 March 1789 Insured: Insured: Robert Blunt, 120 Blackman Street, Southwark, chemist and druggist
~February 7- 1794 Insured: Charles Treacher Pope and Robert Blunt , 15 Red Lion Street Clerkenwell, chemists and apothecaries~
~April 4- 1794 Insured: Robert Blunt , Charles Treacher Pope and Thomas Blunt, 20 Blackman Street, chemists and druggists.~

SOURCE: Kent's Directory - 1794. They are at " 120" blackman street
( see more regarding Blackman street at bottom of page)

~ March 1802 &May 1803 ins: Robert Blunt and Thomas Blunt, chemist and druggists occupied 120 and 121 Blackman Street~

~Sept 30 1807 Insured: Thomas Blunt, 120 Blackman Street Borough, chemist Other property: Cheney Walk Chelsea ~

~SOURCE: London Directory - 1808 Blunt Robert & Thomas, Chemist & Druggists, 120 Blackman St.~

~Jan 26 1808 Insured: Robert Blunt, 3 Crosbys Row Wallworth, gent
occupiers: 120 Blackman Street Southwark; Messrs Irish and Co., chemists and druggists ~

~Listed in Shrewsbury 1809 as chemist & Druggist & as warden 1809 & 1811 Apothecary Guild~

Thomas Blunt, Robert's brother, Chemist and Druggist of Chelsea , Middlesex d. 1820
1823 directory Blunt Thomas chemist 46 Cheyne Walk-Chelsea

~Pigot's 1828/29 directory has Robert Blunt as a WHOLESALE Chymist & Druggist Wyle Cop ~

~Newspaper: Sad account of an analysis shows Thomas Blunt was already working as an analyst by 1832~
This account was used in a recent publication

SOURCE: Pigots Directory - 1835
Chemists and Druggists,Wyle Cop.  Blunt, Robert and Sons  (Thomas W. and Henry)
(1835 Note- now showing a William Smith Blunt Bookseller & Stationers on High Street)

1851 Gazetteer & Directory of Shropshire
Blunt Henry Chemist and Druggist Wyle Cop residence Meol Road
Blunt Henry Chemist and Druggist Wyle Cop residence Abbey Foregate

1859 Slater's Directory Blunt Thomas ( & Soda Water Manufacturers)
The Misses Ann & My (Mary) Blunt are listed under nobility & gentry....Oh My!!!!
This is quite odd I should think as back then men usually held this positon, and these were spinsters...

Blunt & Salter were listed as Soda Water and Ginger Beer Manufacturers in
The Post Office Directory of 1863 and Thomas W. lived at Tower Place.

Dissolvement of partnership of Thomas Blunt and Joseph Birch Salter Dec 31 1864

1868 Under Soda Water and Ginger Beer Manufacturers - and Chemists & Druggists
Blunt Thomas & Son Wyle Cop

An ad for an assistant at Messrs. BLUNT , Son, and Co., Wyle Cop , Shrewsbury. -October 29th 1870

  An envelope for TP Blunt "26" WyleCop and T.R Moses 42 Castle have partnered up as
dispensing chemists... according to an envelope for a prescription c.1871 for Mrs. Peters (Rev.Mrs C.)
(The Reverend Charles Powell Peters died 1879, Margaret Coupland abt 14 yrs his senior died 1878)
Tertius Robert Moses born 1845 - St Asaph, Flintshire, Wales died 1908 Atcham

1871 Cassey Directory has Blunt Mr. Thomas residing at Tower Place
Blunt Thomas Porter residing at 4 Victoria Street, Castlefields
Place of business listed only as Blunt Thomas and Son, chemists Wyle cop

1880 Blunt & Moses Chemists & Druggists worded 23 & 42 Castle Street Wyle Cop
and Blunt & Moses Soda Water and Ginger Beer Manufacturer 23 Wyle Cop
Blunt Mr. Thomas P. Living at Tower Place,Town Walls also listed as gas tester, analyst, etc.

Lots of competition for chemists and druggists in Shrewsbury 1885 according to the 1885 Kelly's directory
including another up the street on Wyle Cop and Thomas Sr,'s old partner Joseph Birch Salter on Castle St.
Note that the one half of 23 is now labelled "Chemist, Analytical."

Kelly's Directory chemists and druggists 1885 also shows:
Blunt, J.H. & sons 46 Drapery, Northamptonshire
Blunt & Evans, 26 Marketplace, Derbyshire
Blunt, William H. 71 Snow Hill, Birmingham

1891 - similar to 1895 below

1895 Kelly's Thomas Porter Blunt is listed several times as County analyst - Lives 28 Town Walls
Business listing as Blunt, Thomas Porter pharmaceutical chemist & druggist, gas tester &
public analyst for the counties of Shropshire, Montgomery and Monmouthshire 23 Wyle Cop

1900 23 Blunt Thomas Porter, chemist
The other part of 23 is labelled Blunt & Son, chemists.

1913 Kelly's Gas tester and public analyst for the counties of Shropshire, Montgomery &
Monmouthshire & the boroughs of Ludlow and Wenlock & district analyst for Shropshire
Thomas not listed under chemists - lists 23 Wyle Cop under Analyst
But...Williams, Arthur M.P.S. chemist & pharmacist 218 Castle Street and 23 Wyle Cop

MAP Showing Blackman Street , Red Cross St. ; Mint St. in 1775

MAP Showing Blackman Street , Red Cross St. ; Mint St. in 1749

MAP Shrewsbury 1835 (low res)


Shrewsbury Good Samaritans!

Sick Man's Friend and Lying-in Charity - founded in 1810 & based at Swan Hill Congregational Church. Back then the health of the poverty stricken was not the concern of governing authorities, so the need was answered by compassionate townspeople, one of whom I was pleased to hear, was my ancestor Robert Blunt.

*"The needy were given money weekly, medicines (supplied freely by Robert Blunt, a local chemist and treasurer of the charity).... "   " Robert Blunt was Treasurer of the charity for many years, and provided medicines without charge to the charity or those helped."

* Excerpts from Shrewsbury Local History Site Swan Congregational Church Page
Image of Blunt's Chemist Shop, Wyle Cop on page or Here

It is a listed heritage building in shrewsbury-( 23 & 23a Wyle Cop)
Robert Blunt worked in this chemist shop about two centuries ago!
The address was only given as Wyle Cop in early we don't
know for certain that he opened shop in that very building, Shrewsbury c.1808
I wonder how long the building was there prior to him using the premises.


Interesting tidbit found HERE: "The summit of a steep hill in the town of Shrewsbury bears the name of The Wyle Cop. I think that these are two Welsh words, Gwyl Cop, meaning watch mound...." *

*CORRECTION~However a gentleman from the Shrewsbury Local History Site has now informed me: The words are probably from old Welsh 'hwylfa' - a road leading up a hillside, and 'cop' - top, or head.  So the name probably just means 'the road leading up to the top of the hill'.  If you are ever in these parts, Shrewsbury is a wonderful place to visit! Best wishes, A. P.


The fort ( exaggerated) at the end of Blackman Street c. 1642 image
The stretch of Borough High Street south of the junction with Long Lane, Marshalsea Road , and Tabard Street, where
stands the ancient church of St. George the Martyr , was formerly called Blackman-Street (after a long resident family)

Borough High Street to Stones End-or- BLACKMAN STREET from St. George's Church to Newington
See it on an older map & here on Not quite as old a Map shown as Blackmans Street and good sized one HERE
Older painting 1885 // NewPhoto2010

LONDON SOUTH OF THE THAMES. 1893 ( Henry Morley) Found HERE
The earlier maps of London do not include more than a narrow strip of the southern side of the river.
South-wark had existed from early times, and Stow's Survey of London 1598 describes the extent of it
from the 16th century On the bank of the river there was, from the west, " a continual building of tenements
about half a mile in length to the bridge "and east of that was " St. Olave's Street (Tooley Street) having
continual building on both the sides with lanes and alleys up to Battle bridge, to Horsedown, and towards
Rotherhithe, some good half-mile in length from London bridge."
From the bridge southward was " a continual street called Loner Southwark builded on both sides with
divers lanes and alleys up to St. Georges church and beyond through Blackman Street.''
From St. Olave Street Bermondeseye Street stretched south for almost half a mile with buildings on both
sides ; and Long Lane andKentish Street are named as making up the whole oft he borough.....

Fairthorne's map 1658 shows Blackman St. build up on both sides for about 400 yds from St George's church
Horwood's fine map 1799 purports to show every house
Older map 17th century

The blunt Insignia / armed and ready for battle!
The Blunt Insignia


interested in historical timelines?

Thomas Blunt's father was also Thomas Blunt (Sr.)
Thomas Blunt & his brother Henry Blunt (noted Shrewsbury artist)
ran a Pharmacy & Soda Water Shop in Shrewsbury, Shropshire
see: 1850 ARTICLE "Chemists"
He also worked with the chemist - Salter.

*Source: A2A

T P Blunt - shrewsbury scientist
The Scientist's


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