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Thomas Porter Blunt & Arthur Henry Downes


Thomas Porter Blunt & Arthur Henry Downes


Article now in press in Nature Chemistry
Author: Chemist Thomas Tidwell 2013

Available to order as PDF from Nature Chemistry HERE


Thomas Tidwell recognizes the foresight of British chemists
Thomas Porter Blunt
and Arthur Henry Downes, for being ahead of
their time in the basic understanding of free-radical formation.


Shrewsbury Shropshire
Here is the site's blog regarding the article entitled
"The Birthplace of free Radicals"
which refers to Shrewsbury Shropshire which is the place where both Thomas Porter Blunt & Arthur Henry Downes were born and where they conducted their now famous scientific discoveries together. *

* " Researches on the Effect of Light upon Bacteria and Other Organisms" see the main page list of articles HERE



I remember when my father-in-law purchased a UV water treatment
system for his home in Saskatchewan. He loved it & I was so pleased
to know that Great Grandfather's discovery helped purify his water.

I was doubly pleased when Mr. Tidwell delved further into the
articles of T.P. Blunt & A. H. Downes mentioning radicales.


Thomas T. Tidwell

Special thanks to chemist Thomas (Tom) Tidwell for the recognition within this century, of the forward-thinking discoveries achieved by A. H. Downes and T. P. Blunt.

Faculty profile - Professor of Chemistry University of Toronto

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This page links to article by Thomas Tidwell recognizing the foresight of
Thomas Porter Blunt & Artur Henry Downes for their early understanding
of reactive molecules citing article on hydroxyl free-radical formation


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