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Thomas P. Blunt and Family
Photos & available Genealogy

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Married April 3, 1866, Church of Holy Trinity Cirencester (BANNS March 11th St. Chad's Shrewsbury)

Mrs. Emily Rachael Blunt (Robinson)

Emily Rachel Robinson b. 1842
Hampton Wick, Middlesex
d. 1910 Shrewsbury, Shropshire


Father: Thomas Robinson
b. circa 1815 Middlesex, England
Mother: Augusta ( Hutt )
b.c1817, Bushy Park, Hampton, Middlesex...d.1887, Shrewsbury
Married: Jan 17 1839 Westminster, St. Margaret, London, Eng

Pat.Grfather : John Robinson, King's messenger b. 1774
d. 1833 St. Geo. Hanover Sq.
Pat.GrMother : Elizabeth _

Mat.Grfather :Thomas Hutt
Queen's messenger c. 1784
Oxford Beckley
d. c1854 Cirencester
Mat.Grmother: Rachel (Townsend )
b. Oct.14, 1782 Cirencester, Gloucestershire
d. 1858 Cirencester
Married: June 13 1804 Parish: Teddington, Middlesex

Mat. GrGrfther:William Hutt
Mat. GrGrmother :Anne
Mat. GrGrfther: William Townsend
Mat. GrGrmother: Mary

Thomas Porter Blunt - Scientist

Thomas Porter Blunt - b. May 31 1842, Abbey Foregate-Bapt July 10
d. Feb. 8th 1929 Shrewsbury Shrops


Father: (2nd marriage**)
Thomas Blunt
b. Oct.14, 1803, Southwark, Surrey
d. Oct.15 1874, Shrewsbury, Shrops
Mother: Sarah Smith b. Jan.19, 1800
- Kent Road, Southwark Surrey
d. Feb. 5th 1864 Shrewsbury, Shrops.
Married: June 5, 1834 St. Luke's Chelsea

Pat.Grfather: (2nd marriage*** )
Robert Blunt 19th Mar 1766
St George, Southwark
d. March 28th , 1842 Shrewsbury
Pat.Grmother : Ann ( Porter)
born 1768 -1771 (Chesham, Buckingham) died April 4th 1847 Shrewsbury
Married: 17 June 1802 Chesham

Mat.Grfather: John Smith
Mat.Grmother: (2nd marriage**** )
Mary Gaire )

Pat. GrGrfthr: Robert Blunt c.1734
burial Nov 7th, 1773, St Geo. Sthwrk
Pat. GrGrmthr : Mary (Burbidge, nee Reynolds)
bur. May 16th 1811, St Geo. Sthwrk Married 28 Jan., 1764, she a widow


**Thomas W. married previously to Jane Colley Oct 3 1828,
youngest dtr. of Thomas Colley ( & Jane Bowen) of Cefugwifed Wales
(Thomas Colley
married in 1794 Jane Bowen, daughter of Thomas Bowen, Esq., of the Tyddyn, Llandinara. )

Jane ( Colley) Blunt death Sept. 5 1830, Clifton - No known births

Second marriage 1834 to Sarah, 4th & youngest daughter of the late John Smith, Esq. Sutton
Sarah's sister Mary Anne married Robert, Thomas's half-brother, also a chemist.

***Robert Blunt 1st. marriage: 17 October 1789 / spouse: Sarah Smith / St. Saviour,Southwark,Surrey


T. P. Blunt & E. R. Robinson, m. April 3, 1866, Cirencester, Gloucestershire. From Obit of T.P.Blunt: Mr. Thomas Blunt married Miss Emily Rachel Robinson, granddaughter of Mr. Hurl (Hutt), (of Eton, county of Buckinghamshire), the King's Messenger to George IV, and the last holder of such a position.
The 1851 census lists him as "queen's mefsenger, superannuated " ( retired).
Thomas Hutt / Foreign Office Royal Kalendar 1835



Ethel Marion Blunt at age 30
*Ethel Marion Blunt age 30
b. Feb.23 1878, Tower Place,
Shrewsbury, Shropshire, U.K.
d .Oct.2 1973 Winnipeg, Mb. Canada


Children of Thomas Porter Blunt
     & Emily Rachael Robinson

Thomas Gaire Rockstro Blunt 
     b.1867  d. 1950
Emily Augusta Blunt  
     b.1868  d.___
Mildred Frances Blunt  
     b. 1869  d. 1906
Mary Ella Blunt b.  1871  d.1954
Gertrude Mabel Ellen Blunt
     b. 1872  d.1949
Walter Arthur Blunt 
     b. 1874  d. 1911
Charles Ernest Janverin Blunt 
     b.1876 d.1903
*Ethel Marion Blunt 
     b. 1878  d. 1973
Hubert Porter Blunt  
      b. 1882  d.1956

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See more of Ethel's family HERE



Thomas Gaire Rockstro Blunt b. Dec. 27 1867 Shrewsbury Shropshire d. 1950 Essex, England
Marriage 1896 - Durham m. Edith Blanche Wilkinson b. 1864, Aldborough, Yorkshire

Brian Gaire Blunt
 Roger Charles Blunt
Leslie Blunt
Thomas Paul Anstruther Blunt

See more on Thomas G. R. Blunt & family page HERE:


Emily Augusta Blunt  b. May 27 1868, baptized June 17th 1868 Shrewsbury
( living Victoria Street CastleFields) d.___


Mildred Frances Blunt b. Dec. 9 1869, Shrewsbury, Shropshire d. 1906 Walsall
Marriage Jan 11, 1893 - St. Chad's - Shrewsbury, Shropshire
m. Walter Felton b. 1865 Manchester, Lancashire d. Yorkshire 1922
(Clerk in Holy Order, Clergyman, Church of England,
staff chaplain Walsall UnionWorkhouse, )
Children - born Walsall, Staffordshire
Gwendoline Blunt Felton   b. 1895 d.1895-1901
Harold Blunt Felton   b. Aug 22 1896 / d. 1897
   Hubert Ratcliffe Felton b. 1898 / d. 1917 ww1casualty
    Denys Walter Blunt Felton b. June 6 1900 /d. 1901
Margaret Mildred Felton b. 1902 / No death or marriage found yet...
.....hopefully she lived on to a good life & give her father company

on Rev. Walter Felton:
St. Luke's Mission Church, Selborne St. consecrated on St. Luke's day, October 18th, 1879,
and used as a chapel. A plain structure of brick, with stone dressing consisting of chancel,
nave, baptistery, and a turret containing one bell: it will hold about 300 people:
Rev. Walter Felton B.A. of the University of London, has been curate-in-charge since 1894.
He also curates St. Matthew, High street.


Mary Ella Blunt b.Apr. 6- 1871, Baptized April 25th,  d. Feb. 28 1954
Lived with & cared forher father until his death - No marriage No children


Gertrude Mabel Ellen Blunt b. 1872 , Shrewsbury, Shropshire d. 1949 -Colchester
Marriage 1900 - Paddington
m. Frank Archibald  Rodick b.(c)1867 Grinstead Green, Essex
Frank was a distiller's clerk at the time of the 1901 census.
Bernard Skingley Rodick 1901 Streatham London

( became a policeman, London 1933 LINK)

Frank died 1945 -Colchester


Walter Arthur Blunt  b. 1874  baptised as Walter Cyril Blunt d. Oct 8 1911

DEATHS. Blunt.1911- On October 8, Walter Arthur Blunt , Chemist and Druggist, Wyle Cop.

Shrewsbury School Register Records THIS entry:
Walter Arthur Blunt, b. 1874, [D.B.]; left 1886. Walter Arthur Blunt, b. 1874, [D.B.]; left 1890.


Charles Ernest J. Blunt  b. 1876  d. April 9, 1903

Shrewsbury School Register Records THIS entry:
Charles Ernest Janverin Blunt, b. 1876, [D.B.]; left 1891 : Trooper B.S.A. Police;
Served in S. African War, (Medal with clasp for Defence of Rhodesia).
Died at Tilabusi ( Filabusi), S. Africa, of fever, April 29, 1903.

The actual image of his death entry by an officer April 30th has little more
other than that Charles Ernest Blunt was unmarried * Death entry HERE*


Ethel Marion Blunt b. 1878 , ( Nurse) Shrewsbury Shropshire
Marriage 1917 - St. Pancras, London
married James Thomson, b.1889 Fraserburgh, Aberdeen Scotland
( 2nd Lieutenant 5th Gordon Highlanders WW1)    

Their only child Jean Thomson b. 1918, Shrewsbury Shropshire
Family immigrated to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - 1928


Hubert Porter Blunt  b. Feb 3, 1882 Shrewsbury Shropshire d. March 18 1956 London
Marriage 1907 - Shrewsbury, Shropshire
m. Alice Madeline Blakemore    b. 1879 Hereford
Hubert was listed as a Bankers Clerk in Smethwick in 1901

The children - unknown at this time

1911 census has my grandmother Ethel Marion Blunt living with them.

Shrewsbury School Register Records THIS entry:
Hubert Porter Blunt, 1882, [D.B.]; left 1898; Engineer. Tower Place, Shrewsbury.
From Inns of Court Officers Training Corps during the Great War
BLUNT. Hubert Porter
K/F/2272, 7/12/14, L/C; R. War. R., 13/3/15. R.A.O.C. ; F; Major; w; M.B.E.
Craigmoor, Melling Lane, Maghull nr. Liverpool. MORE HERE


Available Photos of the Grandchildren of Thomas Porter Blunt

More about Jean (Thomson) Righetti
Jean Marion Thomson as a young teen, taken in
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Daughter of Ethel Marion
& James Thomson

Jean Thomson b.Oct 7 1918, Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Married Paul Righetti, lived
in Saskatchewan, Canada

Grandson - Brian Blunt
Brian G. Blunt in July 1916
Lieutenant in the Royal Field Artillery Spec. Reserve, WWI

Son of Thomas Gaire Blunt
& Edith Blanche (Wilkinson)

Brian Gaire Blunt b.1897
Crossgate, Durham, U.K.


Grandson - Hubert Felton
Hubert Felton
2nd. Lieutenant Killed in
Belgium - W.W.1
Worcestershire Reg., 17th Bn.

Son of Mildred Frances ( Blunt )
& Walter Felton

Hubert Felton b.1898
Walsall, Staffordshire


28 Tower Place, 4 story home of the Blunt Family.
Betw. the Tower Town Walls and Crescent Cottages
Occupied by Thomas Porter Blunt 1881 - 1829
Since has become part of multi-classroom school,
with elevator installed.

This and neighbour's homes were on the site of the old Shrewsbury wall.

Thomas Blunt sr. - 1861 census resided at Tower Place with wife Sarah,
daughters Elizabeth & Sarah Maria, sons Thomas Porter & Charles Gaire


Thomas Porter Blunt
& Grandaughter Jean (Thomson) Righetti
early 1920s.
Mum loved his gardens and their vast splendour.
She proudly had his love of gardening & had a wonderful annual display.


Have just found that Robert, Thomas Porter Blunt's grandfather owned
and leased out land at Town Walls in the earlier part of the century!

In 1836, marriage of son Henry to neice Martha, Robert Blunt was living Tower Place



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Contact for T. P. Blunt Site - Living relatives in Canada

Blunt insignia - Leader Ready to Battle
The Blunt Insignia


The Scientist's
Home Page

T Blunt - Shrewsbury, Shropshire
The Scientist's

Thomas Blunt's Father - Thomas W. Blunt
and Grandfather Robert Blunt & his
uncle Henry Blunt
were Druggists and Chemists at 23 Wyle Cop

More about Blunt chemists HERE

Thomas & Henry ran a Pharmacy & Soda Water Shop
see: 1850 ARTICLE "Chemists"


Thomas Porter Blunt: SIBLINGS: ( Children of Thomas Blunt & Sarah Smith)
Mary Anne Blunt b. June 6, 1836 - death of Mary Anne Blunt age 15- 1851
          -On stone memorium with cousin - January 29th 1851 ST. LUKE CHELSEA
christening: 8 July 1836 St. Julian, Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Elizabeth Blunt   b. Sept. 17 1837 - d. 1905 age 68 Upton upon Severn Worcestershire
christened Sept 17th 1837 res: Abbey Foregate
Sarah Maria Blunt   b. Jan 17th 1840 - d. Oct. 9 1901 Meole Brace Shrewsbury, Shrops
christened 16 Feb 1840 res: Abbey Foregate
Thomas Porter  b. May 31 1842 res: Abbey Foregate Shrewsbury- d. Feb. 8th 1929 Shrewsbury
July 10 1842 res: Abbey Foregates
Charles Gaire Blunt   b. May 19th 1846 - d. Jan 21-1864 Shrewsbury,
 christened June 14 1846 res: Abbey Foregate


Father: Thomas W. Blunt: SIBLINGS: ( Children of Robert Blunt & Anne Porter)
Thomas (W?) Blunt
Oct 14 1803 Southwark Surrey )
Henry Blunt
: b. Nov.14 1806  Southwark Surrey d. 1853 Shrews.  Chr: Dec 21, 1806
  Walworth-Locks Fields Chapel York Street-Independeso, married May 31-1836 Cheltenham,   Martha Blunt (daughter of ThomasBlunt & Mary Phipps) MORE HERE
Ann Blunt b. May 24 , 1809 Wyle Cop. Shrewsbury, Shropshire
    Chr. June 25 Swan Hill   d. 4 Dec. 1896
Mary blunt b. July12 , 1811 Wyle Cop. Shrewsbury, Shropshire
    Chr. August. 25 Swan Hill  d. Nov. 20 1894


Grandfather: Robert Blunt: SIBLINGS: ( children of Robert Blunt & Mary )
Births & Baptisms St George the Martyr, Surrey, Borough of Southwark

*William Blunt b. Nov.7th 1764 - Baptism: Nov. 18 1764
Robert Blunt b. Mar. 19 1766 - Baptism: Mar 23 1766 ( Chemist Southwark/ WyleCop)
**Mary Blunt b. July 7th 1768 - Baptism: Aug 7 1768 -**?
Sarah Blunt b. Sept. 20th 1769 - Baptism: Oct 8 1769
Thomas Blunt b. Aug. 29th 1772 - Baptism:Sept 22 1772 (chemist Southwark/Chelsea)

Non-Conformist registers...Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England
* William Blunt c. 1764 Dec 14 1828 burial Dec 1828
**Not sure which Mary Blunt c. 1773 death: Aug. 1 1851 burial: Aug 1854

Just for fun, adding this transcription with the letter "f" as "s" several times throughout

July 8th 1800 - The London Times    
CHESAM ACADEMY, in the County of Bucks,_The Rev. JOHN SIMPSON
returns his fincere Thanks to his friends for the many favours conferred
upon him, and begs leave to acquaint them and the public, that his School
Opens after the Midfummer Recefs, on Monday the 21ft Inft --Reference
may be had to Mr. Sorel, Berkeley Fquare; Mr. Hicks, Surgeon, No. 88,
New Bond ftreet; Mr. Blunt, Chemift, No. 120 Blackman ftreet ,Borough,
and Mr. Blinkhorn, No. 31 Fofter Lane Cheapfide.




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